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      防火门电磁释放器 - 通电型,是一种与普通缓冲液压闭门器搭配使用的释放器,在平时,该电磁释放器是无源的(即不通电),不消耗能源,通过锁扣装置,使防火门保持??刺?。当发生火灾时,在受消防联动控制进行释放时,只需要24V直流电源即可工作,而且工作时间为瞬间工作(工作时间0.1秒)(工作电流<0.8A),拉扣被释放(即脱扣),工作后即恢复断电状态,脱扣的防火门在普通缓冲液压闭门器的作用下自动关闭。当释放器释放后,需人工操作,将拉链的拉片插入释放器卡口,卡住后,使释放器重新处于复位状态(即:防火门处于??刺?,否则,防火门在闭门器的作用下将处于常闭状态。



      型号 电压 电流 产品尺寸 工作方式 无源反馈
      DC24V 800mA
      90.5x90.5x30mm 平时无电,在消防联动下工作;
      瞬间通电释放 / 可手动释放
      The power-on type electromagnetic releaser is a kind of combination with ordinary buffer hydraulic door closer. At ordinary times, the electromagnetic releaser is passive, that is, no electricity, no energy consumption, and through the locking device, the fire door is kept open. When the fire occurs, the fire fighting linkage control center sends a signal and output the power supply, the releaser only need the 24V DC power supply, the releaser can work (the releaser is released), and the working time is instantaneous (working time 0.1 seconds) (working current <0.8A), the pull button is released. After work, the state of power failure is restored, and the fire door is closed automatically by ordinary buffer hydraulic door closer. When the releaser is released, manual operation is needed. People insert the pull piece of the zipper into the opening of the releaser. After it is stuck, the releaser is replaced in a reset state (that is, the fire door is in a constant state). Otherwise, the fire door will be in a closed state under the action of the closed door.
      Notes: When installing, the zipper or cord should be kept perpendicular to the door leaf to avoid sticking.
      1. Electromagnetic releaser can be used in the public places of dense flow of people or use frequent. such as: shopping malls, supermarkets, hotels, office buildings, hospitals, schools, entertainment places etc. (evacuation aisles, stairways, front rooms). The electromagnetic releaser has remote control and local release function. The (power off) releaser is connected with the fire control system, the long-term DC 24V power supply (keep power state), the first charge for 15 seconds after the power supply, power consumption is 7mA, the red light come on, then the power consumption is 0.01mA, almost no consumption of the main current. When the fire, the electromagnetic releaser receives the linkage control signal, Immediately power off release automatically disconnect pull button, the fire door closes under the action of a common door closer. the mode of power off and release closing door is more in line with the national fire control new standard.
      2. It is easy to install, no need to change any structure of the original fireproof door, and accessories can be selected a chain or a steel rope, it's length can be customized. The electromagnetic releaser is suitable for left door or right door, that is, the right and left is universal.
      3. The electromagnetic releaser is suitable for all kinds of fire doors: steel fire doors, wooden fire doors, stainless steel fire doors, and glass fire doors.
      4. In peacetime, it don't keep power (without occupying fire-system power), instantly input power to release. People can release them manually. The pull resistance is more than equal to 900N.
      Summary: The electromagnetic releaser is especially suitable for large new projects. At ordinary times, it does not occupy the fire power supply, and has no power consumption in the later period. The renovation project can be directly incorporated into the smoke control system, the alarm bell and the emergency lighting system, and the wiring cost is very low.