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      防火门电磁门吸- 断电式- 玻璃门

      (1)、电磁门吸可用于商场、超市、酒店、写字楼、医院、学校、娱乐场所等人流较大或者使用频繁的公共场所(疏散走道、楼梯间、前室)。电磁门吸需长期直流DC24V供电(??刺?,耗电2W (约80mA),当火灾发生时,该电磁门吸接收联动控制信号时立即断电释放,防火门在普通闭门器的作用下关闭,该断电释放关门模式是更加符合国家消防新标准要求。


      型号 电压 电流 吸力 工作方式 材质 状态指示灯 安装方式
      DC24V 2W /
      700N 平时通电,在消防联动下工作;
      断电释放 / 可手动释放
      铝合金 地面
      The power-off type electromagnetic door stopper is a kind of releaser used with the common closed door. Under the condition of keeping electricity and fire control, it works normally, and keeps the fire door open. When a fire occurs, the fire control center disconnects the power supply, and the door stopper releases, and the fire door closes under the action of a common door closer.
      1. The door stopper can be used in the public places of dense flow of people or use frequent. such as: shopping malls, supermarkets, hotels, office buildings, hospitals, schools, entertainment places etc. (evacuation aisles, stairways, front rooms). The electromagnetic door stopper has remote control and local release function. The (power off) releaser is connected with the fire control system, the long-term DC 24V power supply (keep power state), power consumption is 2W (80 mA), almost no consumption of the main current. When the fire, the electromagnetic door stopper receives the linkage control signal, Immediately power off release automatically, the fire door closes under the action of a common door closer. the mode of power off and release closing door is more in line with the national fire control new standard.
      2. It can be applied to any installation environment, with small volume and large suction. It is easy to install, no need to change any structure of the original fireproof door, and accessories can be selected a chain or a steel rope, it's length can be customized. The electromagnetic releaser is suitable for left door or right door, that is, the right and left is shared.
      3. The electromagnetic door stopper is suitable for: glass door.
      4. People can release them manually. The pull resistance is more than equal to 900N.
      Summary: The electromagnetic releaser is especially suitable for large new projects. At ordinary times, it does not occupy the fire power supply, and has no power consumption in the later period. The renovation project can be directly incorporated into the smoke control system, the alarm bell and the emergency lighting system, and the wiring cost is very low.